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About iNitrile

We are the next generation of the technological world and creative solutions.

iNitrile is developing an automated glove dispenser which will be used in the health care industry, however, the versatility of the machine allows it to be used in various sectors, and will assist reducing glove waste and provide traceability.
We can proudly state that, iNitrile can be considered as a fully sterilization glove solution for first time in history.
iNitrile is in a process to acquire a 230,000 SQF building in Houston TX where it can produce 30 M Boxes a year of Nitrile glove boxes.

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Why do we stress the importance of glove application?

The health sector was one of the most affected by the Covid -19 pandemic, which is why with iNitrile we went a step forward and sought to develop a machine that solves tasks automatically and simply. Ensuring hygiene, speed, savings and safety.

iNitrile Glove Dispenser

Ensures that organizations substantially improve their safety protocols.

We revolutionize putting on gloves

We rise to the challenge of improving your welfare.
Our approach is to improve user experience of disposable gloves, reduce waste and cost, through iNitrile´s fully automated process.